Window Fixtures

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Fixtures - security for your windows

Benefits of Window Fixtures
One important benefit is that window fixtures or burglar proofing makes a break-in into your house extremely difficult. These window fixtures are ideal for all types of property including houses, town houses, offices, supermarkets, shopping centers, and factories, places of worship, public buildings and smaller shops. Window fixtures are the ultimate form of window security. With this type of window security in place, you can rest assured you've done all you possibly can to protect your home and property.  

Increase Your Home’s Window Security with Window Fixtures
Burglary is one of the most common crimes and most upsetting incidents. It's devastating for the victim to not only lose personal possessions, but also experience a sense of violation. However, most cases of burglary are preventable. You can secure your home or property with window fixtures and in so doing stop burglars in their tracks. 

Our DX-222 ,DX-420 and DX310 window fixtures consist of 19 mm steel vertical bars and are designed to have the same design as our retractable security doors creating a uniform look throughout your house. These security bars cover the whole window, thus ensuring total protection. These window fixtures are furnished in external powder coat paint for maximum protection. These window fixtures form a robust metal screen that is mounted in the front of the existing window.