Transparent Burglar Bars

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Transparent Burglar Bars

What are Clear Burglar Bars?

DEFENDoor transparent burglar bars are a see-through safety barrier, that not only looks smart, but actually protects what you love.
We offer two types of clear burglar bars:
Transparent polycarbonate bar available in the following dimensions - 6mm x 30mm and 8mm x 30mm. This physical barrier cannot be connected to an alarm and is for low security applications.

Armed Bars – also a polycarbonate transparent burglar bar that has the added unique feature of being able to connect to your alarm system. The bars are available in the following dimensions: 6mm x 30mm and 8mm x 30mm.

Smart Bar Technology - How does it work?

An electrical pulse is sent from your alarm control panel through the wires that are installed on both ends of the transparent bar. These integrated alarm sensor wires are connected in series and your alarm will be activated as soon as the wire has been cut, thus the bars are armed 24/7.

Method of fitment - AluRail(AR)

  • This is a special extruded aluminium channel designed to accommodate the polycarbonate bars. AluRail has the advantage of high strength coupled with a stylish finish. All the AluRail`s can be pre-manufactured at the factory to enhance installation time on site.