Louvre Security Shutters

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Security Shutters by DEFENDoor

What are Louvre Security Blinds

Louvre security blinds are similar to traditional horizontal window blinds, but offer the added benefit of preventing intruders from breaking into your premises.

What are the Benefits of Installing Defendoor Louvre Security Blinds?

• Security Blinds offer light and privacy control.
• Security Blinds are popular world-wide.
• Security Blinds are easy to clean.
• Security Blinds are UV resistant.
• Security Blinds add value to your property.
• Security Blinds enhance the appearance of your premises.
• The insurance industry encourages the installation of Defendoor Louvre Security Blinds.
• Patented locking system and reinforced frame gives you peace of mind.
• Gives the added benefit of insulation against both cold and heat.
• Once security blinds have been installed, curtains and drapes are no longer needed.