Frequently Asked Questions - DEFENDoor®

14 Reasons to secure your Home and Business with DEFENDoor.

  1. DEFENDoor has been in business for over 26 – years.
  2. DEFENDoor products are insurance-approved.
  3. Manufactured with a single-bar system to eliminate the possibility of using a crowbar to force bars apart.
  4. DEFENDoor use two separate hook-locks rather than a single key-point. This ensures the door is locked in two places and therefore makes it twice as difficult to break through.
  5. Reputable companies have used us for years – trust and reliability are earned.
  6. Now with our latest patented design; no slots, thus stronger bars.
  7. DEFENDoor flights are locked into the bars.
  8. Our retractable gates slide on steel bearings. These are sealed so that grease never escapes, making DEFENDoors maintenance-free.
  9. Solid steel bolts lock into the bottom rack, but move freely in place, making hacksawing virtually impossible.
  10. DEFENDoor products come equipped with a long-lasting, durable powder-coated finish, making repainting virtually a thing of the past.
  11. Star Key Locks: No more weak, easily penetrated oval cylinders.
  12. All essential rivets are now stainless steel.
  13. The channel that protects the lock faces the wall, making attack with a crowbar exceptionally difficult.
  14. DEFENDoor products come with an 18-month to 5-year Guarantee.