Frequently Asked Questions - DEFENDoor®

14 Reasons to secure your Home and Business with DEFENDoor.

  1. DEFENDoor has been in business for over 26 – years.
  2. DEFENDoor products are insurance-approved.
  3. Manufactured with a single-bar system to eliminate the possibility of using a crowbar to force bars apart.
  4. DEFENDoor use two separate hook-locks rather than a single key-point. This ensures the door is locked in two places and therefore makes it twice as difficult to break through.
  5. Reputable companies have used us for years – trust and reliability are earned.
  6. Now with our latest patented design; no slots, thus stronger bars.
  7. DEFENDoor flights are locked into the bars.
  8. Our retractable gates slide on steel bearings. These are sealed so that grease never escapes, making DEFENDoors virtually maintenance-free.
  9. Rotating steel bolts lock into the bottom rack, but move freely in place, making hacksawing virtually impossible.
  10. DEFENDoor products come equipped with a long-lasting, durable powder-coated finish, making repainting virtually a thing of the past.
  11. Star Key Locks: No more weak, easily penetrated oval cylinders.
  12. All essential rivets are now stainless steel.
  13. The channel that protects the lock faces the wall, making attack with a crowbar exceptionally difficult.
  14. DEFENDoor products come with an 18-month to 5-year Guarantee.