Cottage Pane Bars

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Cottage Pane Burglar Bars

COTTAGE PANE BURGLAR BARS – A Wise Choice in Home Security

Cottage pane bars are superior to traditional burglar bars in that every bar is attached to the wall unlike traditional burglar bars that often only have four fixing points. This fact makes cottage pane bars much more difficult to get through when compared to normal burglar bars.

Interior or Exterior Cottage Pane Bars
As much as possible all security bars should be mounted on the inside of your home so burglars must first break a glass window making a noise and alerting you, or setting of an alarm.

Features of our Cottage Pane Bars include

• 19mm steel horizontal bars.
• 10mm round vertical bars.
• Secured 50mm into brick.
• Excellent finishing.
• Rust proof.
• Powder coated finish.
• Blends in with the cottage panes.