Aluminium Shutters

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Domestic Aluminium Roller Shutters

What are Aluminium Roller Shutters doors?

Aluminium roller shutter doors consist of a number of horizontal slats slotted together. The lifting of the curtain of slats is aided by large springs that are under tension and help ease the weight of the aluminium curtain.

Some benefits of aluminium roller shutters include:

• Aluminium roller shutters require very little maintenance
• Aluminium roller shutters are popular world-wide
• Aluminium roller shutters are easy to clean
• Aluminium roller shutters are UV resistant
• Aluminium roller shutters add value to your property
• Enhance the appearance of your premises
• The insurance industry encourages the installation
• Provide a powerful physiological crime barrier
• Protect the interior from UV damage, heat, and sun
• Complete privacy when needed and unobstructed view when you want it;

Key Features of our Aluminium Roller Shutters include: 

• Passages
• Holiday homes