Sliding Security Gates & Swing Gates

Folding to 20% of their expanded size, our retractable sliding doors allow you to slide them out of the way when not in use. In addition, passers-by have visual access to the business premises to view products on display even when the store is closed.

Our swing gates are manufactured with a single bar system to eliminate the possibility of using a crowbar to force bars apart.

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Cottage Pane Bars & Window Fixtures

Cottage pane bars are superior to traditional burglar bars in that every bar is attached to the wall unlike traditional burglar bars that often only have four fixing points. This fact makes cottage pane bars much more difficult to get through than normal burglar bars.

Window fixtures are the ultimate form of window security and with this type of window fixture security in place, you can rest assured you’ve done all you possibly can to protect your home and property.

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Aluminium Roller Shutters

What are Aluminium Roller Shutters doors?

Aluminium roller shutter doors consist of a number of horizontal slats slotted together.

The lifting of the curtain of slats aided by large springs that are under tension and help ease the weight of the aluminium curtain.

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Louvre Security Shutters

Louvre Security Shutters are similar to traditional horizontal window blinds, but have the added benefit of preventing intruders from breaking into your premises.

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Clear View Fencing – Superior Perimeter Barriers

Anti-climb security fencing is designed in such a way that the aperture sizes are too small to be able to use them to gain a foothold making it almost impossible for a person to climb over.

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We manufacture Home, Commercial and Industrial Security Barriers

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