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DEFENDoor began manufacturing high security retractable security doors in 1995; the Company was called RV-Door back then but changed its name to DEFENDoor in 2005 after talks with marketing consultants. The doors have undergone massive changes since those early days; as crime has evolved and the criminals have come up with different methods to attack a security door the design of the doors has changed to consistently thwart them. If you have never seen a DEFENDoor we strongly urge you to get one of our highly trained caring security consultants to come out and show you a sample door, we promise you will be amazed at how strong and well designed our products are. Would you ever purchase carpets for your house without seeing a sample? No of course not but we find that people will order a security door without ever seeing a physical sample.......just from a picture in a brochure. If you take away one thing from this web site - INSIST ON SEEING A SAMPLE DOOR!

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From only producing one type of retractable security door to producing three types, DEFENDoor has and always will bring you great security options to protect what you love. DEFENDoor now has some of the strongest doors that we have ever seen and has built up a reputation as a leader in the retractable door industry.

DEFENDoor has expanded its product range to include swing security gates, industrial roller shutters, cottage pane burglar bars and domestic aluminium roller shutters.

Customers always ask us which model of retractable security door should they install in their house, the answer is a bit more involved than you would think. We have to first come and see your house and do a survey of the surroundings both inside and outside; all the consultants are trained to notice the gaps in your security that a criminal could take advantage of. Once the survey is done the consultant will advise you of where to begin upgrading your security. Sometimes a small change will make you a hundred times safer. Remember if you are sick call for a doctor, if you have security concerns call for a DEFENDoor security consultant. Just as a doctor will maybe spot a problem before it gets serious so will a DEFENDoor consultant. Your security must be a done in a holistic way, taking into account all the factors influencing your family’s safety, things such as trees overhanging your boundary walls or maybe a power box close to your fence or wall that a criminal could use to gain access to your property. Be wary of companies that are not security door manufacturing companies but manufacture some sort of a security door as an add-on product to their range, these companies do not spend any money or time on research and development and so their products are often not strong enough to stop a criminal breaking through them.